Texas Motorcycle Laws

This is a simple list of the primary Texas state motorcycle laws to help you when traveling through Texas on a motorcycle. These laws are current as of February 15, 2017.


  • Safety Helmet: Required by law under age 21. Over the age of 21, riders are not required to wear a helmet with proof of successful completion of rider training or $10,000 of medical insurance covering injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident

  • Eye Protection: Not Required

  • Passenger Age: No Restriction

  • Helmet Speakers: No Restrictions

  • Mirrors: One required by law

  • Headlight: Daytime headlight required.

  • Turn Signals: Required by law

  • Handlebars: Maximum of 15" above seat - Required by inspection regulations

  • Muffler: No acoustical criteria.

  • Noise Restrictions:No acoustical criteria.

  • Riding Two Abreast in Lane: Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes

  • Lane Splitting: Not referenced in Administrative Code or Statutes

  • Insurance: Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(25/50/25)


Check with state and/or local authorities for the most up to date laws and regulations.